Missing Persons

To make it clear - in 1969 - the times they were a-changin'. I was 16 when I finagled my way up to Woodstock. Hit & run - I made it there & back & I can't explain why. My sister gifted me a Yasgurs Dairy porch delivery box before I knew what eBay was and now I'm sitting flush cuz I caught the vapors & I bought a box full of files that were set out for trash, when the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office underwent renovation in the early eighties.

Close your eyes - dream back thru time - focus on the better part of humanity - the bright side life.

I came into possession of some letters written by parents in a panic looking for their children.

This first haunting plea is written on the back of a blank receipt & addressed to the Governor's Office, Albany, NY.

The best I can do is pass it on -

Police Files - Folder #1

Gov. Rockerfeller's office- Albany, NY or Attorney Gen. Office (or) Sherriff, Sullivan County

"Please let me know if you got my son Charles H. Manness in one of your City, County jails or State Institutions, etc? (Birthday May 23/(20 years old). He went to Woodstock Festival. He may be O.K. and might be working in N.Y.S. in which case I don't want to bother him. Call... or write if he needs or wants help... Thank you."

This letter is posted Aug. 28, Pawtucket, RI and stamped RECEIVED Aug 29 1969, Dept. of Law, Albany Office

Police Files - Folder #2

The speed of the mail in 1969 is impressive. This official reply by the state, dated Aug. 29, 1969 was itself used by H.L. Manness to respond (on the 30th) with the admission that his son may in fact be impersonating his twin brother to escape detection or apprehension.

Police Files - Folder #3

In this 4 page letter dated Aug. 21, 1969 a mother from Hatsboro PA explains - "(my son) is not a "hippie" even though he is an art student." and "he left without our permission"

Police Files - Folder #4

From Denver a parent lays it out - "(my son) has no fingerprints on file with the FBI"

Police Files - Folder #5

From Tenafly, NJ a mother explains; "(our son) left home without our permission... to attend the music festival at Bethel... he has never done anything like this before."

Police Files - Folder #6

Son, age 19 was "wearing only clothes he had" & "only jewelry was an electric Timex watch"

Two photos sent to the Sullivan County Sheriff's by parents searching for their daughters, missing since that Woodstock music festival…

The first is Gail H. - it was said she was wearing granny glasses and had acne.

The second is Mindy W. - although she sometimes uses the name Laurie H. - and she wore braces.