Woodstock, The Movie

The movie was award winning - the story was epic - the style was cutting edge

Pristine EX condition full size one sheet poster advertising the movie "Woodstock"

A Japanese poster for the movie "Woodstock" features a unique photo of Joe Cocker

Here is a very rare poster printed in Australia for use advertising showings there of the movie "Woodstock" (hand written in black marker at the top) TOWN HALL SATURDAY.

A movie program in Japanese - Identifying his bass player as Santana - Quoting an off the cuff introduction to identify the Ten Years After song as "I'm Going Home by Helicopter"

Alvin Lee of Ten Years After, who at 24 gave that impromptu introduction of his song "I'm Going Home" at Woodstock, passed away March 6, 2013 due to unforeseen complications following a routine surgical procedure.

Framed for display is an ultra rare 3 foot headband that was included with a program in a promotional package given away to industry types prior to release of the movie. Stenciled in red over blue it alternates the words "with love" and "woodstock".

Another rarely seen item - an original program for the movie Woodstock

Front page 10 3/4 x 15" - full page poster 15 x 21 1/2"

The short articles highlight the producers, performers, the audience and Max Yasgur (the farmer who rented his land for the event).

The poster is actually a brilliant optical treat. A slightly smaller reproduction of the original, with modified credits.

This is a bright, concise flyer that was inserted in the movie programs available at the Woodstock Movie premiere, announcing the coming of the soundtrack album on the Atlantic subsidiary Cotillion record label.

Richie Havens passed over April 22, 2013, while I was flipping through these movie programs and came across this sweet two page banner with photo. At the age of 72 he had become a spokesman for the Woodstock Spirit he helped to establish for a generation. Richie Havens - thank you for the music and the memories.